Red River Bridge War

Thursday, May 26, 2022
7:00 pm8:30 pm
Justin Building
100 Clay Street
Nocona, TX 76255

Texas Author / Historian Rusty Williams discusses the stories behind his book
“The Red River Bridge War: A Texas - Oklahoma Border Battle”.
Doors open 6:30 PM….. Program begins at 7:00 PM
In the summer of 1931, Texas and Oklahoma armed up and went to war over a toll bridge that connected their
states across the Red River. The conflict was marked by the National Guardsmen with field artillery vs armed Texas
Rangers, angry mobs, blockade runners and even a Native American peace delegation.
The confrontation marked an end to public acceptance of privately owned ferries, toll bridges, and turnpikes that
threatened to strangle American transportation. This unlikely conflict also serves as a cautionary tale, providing
historical context to the current trend of re-privatizing our nation’s infrastructure.
Meet the Author/Book Signing ………….Free to the public………No Admission Fee