Chamber Board

The Chamber Board Meetings take place every third Tuesday of the month, unless voted to be rescheduled for another date.  These meetings are for Board Members and Ambassadors, but the public and other Chamber members are welcome to sit in and listen!  At these meetings, financial, organizational and structural decisions are made by a majority vote.  If there are decisions that a Committee is having trouble solving on their own, or a question as to whether certain event items should be a Committee Decision vs a Board Decision, those items may be discussed.  All other topics of discussion will be at the Board's discretion.

2017 - 2018 Board of Directors:
Executive Director Nell Ann McBroom
President Michelle Fenoglio Toerck
Vice President Emily Davis
Secretary Patti Morton Gibbs
Treasurer Syd Nowell
Administrative Ass't Ronnie Davis

Member Directors: Ambassadors:
Laura Dirker Brashier Carol Cecil
Tony Dirker Jana Staley
Randy Duckworth Tami Henry
Patty Fenoglio Donna Lemons
Barbara Horton
Sugie Horton Teague
Rachel Price

All Member Directors and Ambassadors of the Chamber of Commerce serve on a voluntary basis.